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    Post-Graduation Options for CRBC Medical Office Administration Students

    Last updated 5 days ago

    Medical Office Administration is a popular field of study here at Cambria-Rowe Business College. Many of our students choose to obtain an associate’s degree from our business college in this particular field because the healthcare industry is continuing to grow at a fast pace, providing numerous job opportunities across the country. Additionally, this field of study allows a great deal of flexibility in job choice. Here are a few of the possible careers you could pursue with this degree.

    Medical Records Clerk
    If you’re a highly organized person, you might consider using your associate’s degree from CRBC to become a medical records clerk. As a medical records clerk, it’ll be your responsibility to maintain patient files and statistics, and to fulfill requests for patient records. These days, most patient files are maintained electronically. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) enable healthcare professionals to readily track patient data, determine when patients are due for a checkup or vaccination, and improve the quality of healthcare.

    Medical Assistant
    If you prefer to work directly with people rather than devoting your time to recordkeeping, then perhaps you’d like to use your associate’s degree to land a job as a medical assistant. Medical assistants must have excellent people skills. They work along with physicians to interact with patients and put them at ease. As a medical assistant, you’ll take medical histories, prepare patients for exams, inform patients of procedures, perform basic tests, draw blood, remove sutures, and more. Becoming a medical assistant is an excellent way to work directly with patients without having to go through the rigors of medical school.

    Since 1891, Cambria-Rowe Business College has been dedicated to providing our students with exceptional career training and high-quality education. Students who choose our business college can enjoy our supportive career services department and can earn their degree in as little as 18 months. If you have any questions about pursuing an associate’s degree in medical office administration, call us at (888) 442-0437.

    A Closer Look at Our Graduate Date Guarantee

    Last updated 26 days ago

    Cambria-Rowe Business College was founded in 1891 with the purpose of providing students with the intensive career training they need to successfully obtain their ideal jobs. Since we know you want to enter the workforce as quickly as possible, we offer an associate’s degree in just 18 months with a guarantee of your graduation date.

    At other business colleges, scheduling problems and class cancellations can make it difficult for students to graduate on time. At Cambria-Rowe Business College, we guarantee that you’ll graduate on time as long as you meet certain requirements. By enrolling in consecutive quarters, passing all of your classes, and taking at least three classes each quarter, you’ll graduate on time. You must also avoid changing your major because this extends the time it takes to graduate.

    If you have any questions about our graduation date guarantee or our flexible class schedules, call Cambria-Rowe Business College at (888) 442-0437. You could also visit our business college’s website to explore our available associate’s degree programs.

    Jennifer Butchko: New Administrative Assistant at Cambria-Rowe Business College

    Last updated 27 days ago



    Johnstown, PA – March, 2014

    Jennifer Butchko has been hired as the Administrative Assistant at Cambria-Rowe Business College, 221 Central Avenue, Johnstown. She was hired in February.

    Jennifer earned her Associates Degree in Specialized Business from Cambria-Rowe.

    Jennifer currently resides in Johnstown.

    Transferring to a 4-Year Degree Program from CRBC

    Last updated 1 month ago

    When you graduate from Cambria-Rowe Business College, your associate’s degree in accounting, business administration, or another field will help you launch a successful career. However, many of our graduates choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree after earning their associate’s degree. If you wish to further your education and increase your job opportunities, consider taking advantage of CRBC’s agreements with two area colleges. Our arrangement with Saint Francis University and Mount Aloysius College means that you can easily transfer to those schools upon graduation, with no need to change your current curriculum or commit to an early transfer decision.

    Transferring to Saint Francis University
    If you choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Saint Francis University after obtaining your associate’s degree, you’ll need to meet certain requirements. This option is available to students who have obtained a degree in accounting, business administration, management, or medical office administration. Saint Francis University guarantees acceptance for CRBC grads who have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. You’ll also have your application fee waived. Our business college’s Artriculation Agreement with Saint Francis University includes additional financial incentives. If you’ve earned at least a 3.0 GPA, you’ll be guaranteed an academic scholarship for transfer students.

    Transferring to Mount Aloysius College
    The Artriculation Agreement between CRBC and Mount Aloysius College is available to students who have earned an associate’s degree in accounting, business administration, legal assisting, management, or medical office administration. If this applies to you and you have maintained a GPA of at least 2.0, you’ll be accepted into the junior class at Mount Aloysius College.

    We encourage current and prospective students of Cambria-Rowe Business College to contact our Director of Education to discuss transferring to either of these colleges upon graduation. You can contact us at (888) 442-0437 or read more about transferring on our website. Our educators and staff members look forward to helping you achieve career success with our 18-month associate’s degree programs!

    How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Earning your associate’s degree from a business college can significantly increase your job opportunities. However, the job search process still takes quite a bit of effort in today’s economy. Even before you graduate from your business college, it’s a good idea to start working on your resume and interviewing skills. Take advantage of your two-year college’s career services department for resources on improving your resume. You can also find tips for making your resume stand out from the countless others hiring managers must sort through below.

    Customize Your Resume
    Although you should work on your resume before you graduate with an associate’s degree, it’s best to tweak it each time you submit it to a hiring manager. Tailor the document for the job to which you’re applying. For example, if you’re applying to a job as a medical office administrator for a geriatric care facility, you should emphasize any relevant experience or training you’ve received in that area. Additionally, read the job posting several times and identify key buzzwords and phrases. Use those buzzwords in your resume. Many larger companies use applicant tracking software to screen resumes for those phrases; if your resume contains them, your resume is more likely to lead the pack.

    Make It Easy to Read
    Hiring managers must look through countless piles of resumes for each job opening. They often scan the documents, rather than reading each one thoroughly. Keep the format of your resume clean and easy to read. Avoid including flashy logos, graphics, and charts. Limit your resume to no more than one page.

    Use Your Networking Skills
    Networking is an essential part of a successful job search. Attend any relevant mixers, conferences, and similar events for your chosen industry. Keep in touch with your classmates from your business college, as they could one day work at a company to which you’re applying for a job. If you do have a contact within the company, ask that person if he or she is willing to endorse you.

    Prospective students in the Johnstown and Indiana, PA areas are invited to explore the associate’s degree programs at Cambria-Rowe Business College. Our Career Services Department can assist you with resume writing and interview preparation as you get ready for your job search after graduation. You can contact our business college at (888) 442-0437 or browse through student reviews on our website.

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